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HS-646WP Analog Waterproof

SKU: HRC32646W


Hitec HS-646WP High Voltage Analog Waterproof Ultra Torque Servo.


Waterproof-industry first IP67 rating, ranking these as among the most durable and reliable servos for wet conditions 3-pole motor Dual ball bearings


Hitec HS-646WP Servo with 1.02" (26mm) Single Arm, 2.3" (59mm) DoubleArm, 1.6" (42mm) Four Point Horn, 0.98" (25mm) Single Arm andMounting Hardware


6.0V 7.4V Speed: 0.20 sec at 60¡ 0.17 sec at 60¡ Torque: 133oz/in (9.6kg/cm) 161 oz/in (11.6kg/cm) Size: 1.65 x 0.83 x 1.57" (41.8 x 21.0 x 40.0mm) Weight: 2.12oz (60g)