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Illusion Rocket Kit

SKU: EST7299
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Now you see it . .. Now you don't! The Estes Illusion moves quick off the pad. Five. .. Four. .. Three. .. Two. .. One. .. Ignition. .. And it's gone! Watch as the brilliant red, black, and gray rocket soars to altitudes up to 1125 feet and then ejects the colorful 12-inch parachute to return to Earth. Designed to fly on a range of Estes A through C engines, the Illusion isn't built to just fly fast. .. it LOOKS fast! With swept back fins, and a jet- fighter style nose cone, the Estes Illusion looks like it's always moving - even when it's standing still! As a Beginner-level kit, you won't waste any time getting this no-glue, snap-together beauty on the pad. Insert the engine into the threaded engine mount, prep the parachute, and you're ready to fly! No tricks here - the Illusion is the model rocket for you!