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JT02 09102 P-38L Lightning 'Geronimo II' (1/48th Scale) Plastic Military Aircraft Model Kit

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The Lockheed P-38 Lightning is an American, twin-engine, multi-role, long-range fighter with a double-bar structure with a three-wheeled undercarriage and a full metal structure. One of the most important American fighters of World War II. Already when the first prototype of the XP-38 was taken into the air in 1939, it was clear that the future of fighter aviation would belong to this aircraft. At a time when the maximum speed of over 500 km / h was considered a really great result, the almost 650 km / h achieved by the P-38 was a real shock for everyone. In the early stages of World War II, Lightning suffered from various childhood illnesses, but as time passed, all problems were gradually resolved and subsequent versions of the aircraft became more and more lethal to its opponents, while gaining the qualities of entrusting the P-38 with various, specific tasks: from bomber escorts, through photographic reconnaissance, to independent bombing. Due to the multitude of tasks, the P-38 was produced in at least a dozen versions. The first P-38 and P-38D were not used in combat, but were a kind of "improvement platforms". The P-38E turned out to be the first mass-produced fighter aircraft. The version of the P-38F was very similar to it, only that it had much more powerful engines with turbochargers. In 1943, the P-38J version was created, it was improved with, among others, the turbocharger steering system, engine cooling, the nose profile of the fuselage was changed, all this significantly influenced the performance of the machine. One of the last fighter-bomber versions was the P-38L version with powerful Allison V-1710-111 / 113 engines with a maximum power of 1620HP. There were also reconnaissance versions (F4 and F5). Technical data: length: 11.53 m, wingspan: 15.85 m, height: 3.91 m, maximum speed: 712 km / h, climb speed: 24.1 m / s, maximum range: 2,100 km, practical ceiling: 13,000 m, armament: Fixed - 4 M2 12.7mm machine guns, 1 20mm Hispano cannon, sling - up to 1800 kg payload.