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Low Visibility Wheelie Bars: Slash 2WD, Slash 4x4

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SKU: RPM81312


A serious issue with most currently available wheelie bars is the inability to use the truck as an off-road vehicle because most wheelie bars tend to stick out too far behind the truck. The RPM Low Visibility Wheelie Bar solves that problem! Since our wheelie bar and included wheels sits inside the protection of the rear bumper, they don’t stick out allowing the truck to function normally when rippin’ up the local track, yet still do their job when the occasional heavy finger pull yanks the front wheels off of the ground!

The RPM Low Visibility Wheelie Bar design bolts directly to all RPM Slash bumpers (both 2wd and 4×4), Losi SCTE & ECX Torment 4×4 at the mud flap mounts, while still allowing the use of RPM Mud Flaps (RPM #81012) as well as our Losi SCTE Bumper Mounts (RPM #73312! The RPM Wheelie Bar stays tucked up behind the rear bumper, yet sitting low enough to allow the wheels to touch down once the front end starts catching some serious air! Now any Slash, SCTE or Torment 4×4 owner can pull some sick wheel stands without the fear of grinding crucial rear bumper support components into dust!

RPM Low Visibility Wheelie Bars are sold ready to install on an RPM Rear bumper (sold separately) with all necessary mounting hardware and complete instructions for assembly. RPM Low Visibility Wheelie Bars are manufactured from our trademark blend of incredibly strong nylons and backed by our limited lifetime warranty again breakage.

Tech Notes: RPM Low Visibility Wheelie Bars are designed for use with RPM Slash 2wd and Slash 4×4 rear bumpers, ECX Torment 4×4 rear bumpers as well as our Losi SCTE Rear Bumper Mounts exclusively and will not work with stock rear bumpers or bumper mounts.