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Messerschmitt Me262A-1a Plastic Model (1/72 Scale) Aircraft Model Kit

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1/72 scale Messerschmidt Me262-A1a Plastic Model Kit from Academy. Suitable for Ages 14 & Older.


Finely engraved panel lines & rivet details Highly detailed cockpit & landing gear bay Authentic markings included Nicely detailed landing gear struts and bay interiors Detailed pilot cockpit Waterslide decals Illustrated assembly guide


One Decal Sheets with Markings for 12 Versions: 1: Me262A-1a, W.Nr.111918, III./JG7 2: Me262C-1a (V186), W.Nr.130186, Obstit, Heinz Bar, III./EJG2, March 1945 3: Me262A-1a, 7./KG (J)54 "Totenkopf", Neuburg-on Danube, March 1945 4: Me262A-1a, W.Nr.500491, Obfw. Heinz Arnold, 11./JG7, March 1945 5: Me262A-1a, W.Nr.500491, May 1945 6: Me262A-1a, W.Nr.500491, October 1945 7: Me262A-1a, W.Nr.111559, Obstit. Heinz bar, III./EJG2, March 1945 8: Me262A-1a, W.Nr.111711, Test Pilot Hans Fay, March 1945 9: Me262A-1a, W.Nr.110400, Maj. Walter Nowotny, Kommando Nowotny, November 1944 10: Me262A-1a, Obfw. Heinz ARnold, 11./JG7, April 1945 11: Me262A-1a, W.Nr. 113367?, Newark, New Jersey, USA, Sept 1945 12: Me262A-1a, GenLt. Adolf Galland, JV44, 1945


(1) Plastic Model


Assembly Glue (GPMR6001) Hobby Knife (RMXR6909) Pin Vise (HCAR0696) Hobby File Instant Glue Paint (Black, Silver, Steel, Flat Black, Wood Brown, Burnt Iron, Bright Green, RLM02 Gray, RLM04 Yellow, RLM23 Red, RLM66 Black Gray, RLM76 Light Blue, RLM81 Brown Violet, RLM82 Light Green)


Scale: 1/72