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MonoKote Flat Olive Drab 6'

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MonoKote is a Patented, Flexible High-Gloss Polyester Film that is Inexpensive, Easy, Clean, and When Compared to "old fashioned" Coverings, Quick To Use. For great covering ideas and to insure a professional finish, order the MonoKote Covering Instructional DVD, TOPZ0105.


Super Strong with a Tensile Strength of 25,000 psi (pounds/sq in) Lightweight at Only 0.2 oz/sq ft Dry Adhesive Activates When Heat is Applied Shrinks to a Drum-Tight Finish As It Cools Fuel proof and Waterproof Stronger and Lighter Than Traditional Silk and Dope Coverings May be Cleaned with Glass Cleaner, "409" or MonoKote Cleaner/Polish


One (6' x 26") Roll of Flat Olive Drab Covering w/Instruction Sheet


Sealing Iron (TOPR2100), Heat Gun (TOPR2000), Iron Sock (TOPR2175)


Paints, Trim Sheets, EconoKote and Different Lots of MonoKote May Vary Slightly In Color Between production Runs of These products. If Using Three or More Rolls of the Same Color, it is Suggested to Use a 25' Roll (TOPQ1520) To Ensure the Same Dye Lot for the Entire Model Being Covered. LustreKote Primer Must Be Used With LustreKote Paint to Bring Out Its True Color. MonoKote is a High Temperature Covering, NOT For Use Directly On Foam EconoKote IS For Use Directly On Foam, Use the Following: EconoKote Covering: TOPQ2601-TOPQ2612 (EconoKote may be used on top of, but not under MonoKote.) **Temperature Ranges: Flat MonoKote Uses a Higher Temperature to Apply. Attaching to Wood: 240 - 275F (activating the glue) Partial Shrinkage: 230 - 270F Maximum Shrinkage: 270 - 350F TECH NOTE: The characteristics of the flat MonoKote differ slightly from standard MonoKote covering: Flat MonoKote requires higher temperatures to apply than standard MonoKote because of the flat finish. In addition to the higher temp settings, this covering may require the iron to be in contact with the covering and wood slightly longer than the standard finish. If this covering is applied too loosely, it may be difficult to get a tight shrink with this product. Also, when applied loosely, it could become impossible to remove any wrinkles that may appear.