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Multi-Gauge Rolling Road



Perfect for DC, DCC, or AC using 2 or 3 rails. DCCconcepts Rolling Roads are very easy to use You simply place them on the track (spaced ready for your locomotive). Incredibly versatile, they help with running in, testing, and evaluation of locomotive performance, active cleaning of driving wheels, simpler DCC Setup and all kinds of tweaking to be achieved in front of you, on the desk or workbench. We have also thought about those collectors and modelers who enjoy and are preserving the history of our hobby by running the 3-rail models that really kick-started our hobby. So to make sure our rolling roads are universal, we have added into all 4, 8 & 12 packs (along with our HO premium set) an adapter that is suitable for both Marklin and Hornby Dublo 3-rail use so now everyone really IS taken care of! DCC Concepts Multi-Scale Rolling Road (Multi-Gauge) 12 Axle