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Pindriver T-Pin Pusher

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Insert and Remove T-Pins Quickly and Easily with the Pindriver T-Pin Pusher. T-Pins are a Necessity with Many Building Projects, but using them can be a hassle. This Tool Makes Building Models Easier and Fits Small, Medium and Large T-Pins.


Black Plastic Ergnomic Handle with Built in Slots for the T-Pins. A Small Magnet Cleverly Holds the T-Pin in Place until it is Securely Inserted. Both Ends have Claws which Make Quick and Effortless work of T-Pin Removal. T-Pin Pusher allows You to Place Pins in Hard to Reach Places and to use Pins in Harder Woods.


One T-Pin Driver/Puller


Length from one end to the other: 4-3/8" width at front end: 7/8"


The Ergonomic Design helps to Eliminate Finger and Thumb Fatigue, which Have Been a Problem with T-Pin Insertion/Extraction for a long time.