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HO Pullman Heavyweight 14-Section Sleeper - Ready to Run -- Pullman RI Prairie Lawn (Pullman Green)

SKU: ATL20005888


During the heyday of long-distance passenger trains, the Pullman Company produced many different configurations of sleeper cars designed to attract all segments of the traveling public. Originally built between 1925 and 1930, Pullman Plan 3958, the 14 section sleeper, was targeted toward the budget-conscious traveler and sacrificed the individual privacy of an enclosed room for a lower fare. Featuring 14 paired seating areas which at night were converted into upper and lower berths separated from the center aisle by heavy curtains, and from the next section by a thin wall, these cars 
maximized the number of passengers a sleeping car could carry and could double extremely well as coach cars for daytime use. Due to their economy of operation, many of these cars lasted in US service well into the 1960s or found second lives operating on Mexican rails into the 1970s and 80s.


  • Full interior detailing
  • Scale operating diaphragms
  • Prototype-appropriate Air Conditioning details
  • Full, separately-applied underbody detail (brake piping, steam traps, brake rigging, etc.)
  • Scale window glass
  • Detailed prototypical trucks with free-rolling metal wheels
  • Recommend 24” Radius Minimum
  • AccuMate couplers