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Push Rod Systems Nylon Gold-N-Rod Flex Pushrod Clevis 48" (2)



This Package Contains Two 48" Nylon Gold-N-Rod Push Rod Systems from Sullivan.


Used to connect servo arms in the model to the model's control surfaces. Made to tight tolerances to insure smooth operation with minimum friction. Comes complete with Gold-N-Clevises and other installation hardware in standard thread sizes. Nylon push rods are made from a special compound to reduce thermal expansion and prevents radio interference. Light, strong, and flexible. The Yellow inner rod spline construction reduces friction and binding. Each brass plated Gold-N-Clevis is constructed of tempered steel with an interlocking collar, welded pin, and an exclusive steel retaining clip to prevent accidental opening. This has a Red sheath and a minimum bending radius of 2-1/2" making it good on small to medium aircraft or lightweight, medium strength applications.


2 Push Rod Systems




Length: 48" (1.219mm) Min. Radius: 2-1/2" (64mm) Color: Red Thread Size: 2-56