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Santa Fe (2019 Roadnumbers, silver) El Capitan 10-Car Passenger Set

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El Capitan 10-Car Passenger Set - Ready to Run -- Santa Fe (2019 Roadnumbers, silver) Walthers Part # 381-106084 KATO Part# 106-084 The Kato Santa Fe El Capitan 10-Car Passenger Set brings a legendary streamliner to your N Scale layout. Second only to the Super Chief in importance, Santa Fe's El Capitan offered equally fast travel at more affordable coach fares. Refitted in 1956 with new Hi-Level cars to provide maximum seating, the unique train was later combined with the Super Chief beginning in 1958 during off-peak travel seasons. This 10-car train was typically hauled behindEMD F7s orAlco PA diesels. Modeling the El Capitan or combined train is easy with this Kato set that features:

  • Tail-end coach with illuminated marker lights and light-up "El Capitan" Conquistador drumhead
  • Each car is equipped with metal wheels for use on Code 55 and larger rail, Kato magnetic knuckle couplers and shock absorber construction for smooth and reliable operation
  • Colored interior to more closely match the prototypes
  • Can be paired up with the Santa Fe Super Chief cars (sold separately) to replicate post-1958 combination train, or with other Santa Fe cars to replicate other Hi-Level consists
  • Cars used by Amtrak beginning in 1971
  • Interior can be lighted with381-11209or 11210 Interior Light Kit with white LED (kit with white LED is DCC friendly)