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Servo Deluxe Dual Ball Bearing Universal Connector

SKU: HRC31425S


Hitec/RCD HS-425BB Pro Servo with aUniversal Futaba J, Hitec S, JR and Airtronics Z Connector.


Dual Ball Bearings. Indirect Drive. Plastic Gears. INCLUDES: One HS-425BBS Servo One Servo Accessory Bag (grommets, screws, bushings, horns)


Length: 41mm (1.6") Weight: 45.5 (1.60oz) Width: 20mm (0.8") Transit Time: 0.20sec Height: 36.5mm (1.4") Torque: 45.9 oz-in


This servo shares the same case with the HS-300 servos. The biggest difference is that this servo has dual ball bearings, making it faster, with more torque, and less slop.