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Servo Mighty Mini Metal Gear Ball Bearing S Universal Connector

SKU: HRC32225S


HS-225MG Precision Mini Servo from Hitec.This version has the Universal S/Z/JR, Futaba J Connector.Connector is compatible with all modern receivers and wiring accessories.


Lightweight and small; ideal for sailplane or weight-sensitive applications Ball bearing Metal Gears Indirect drive Hybrid/ Circuit INCLUDES: One HS-225MGS metal gear micro servo Four screws, grommets, and eyelets Three servo arms and one wheel


L: 32.4mm x W: 16.8mm x H: 30.8mm (1.27" x 0.66" x 1.21") Transit: 0.14sec/60¡ (4.8V) 0.11sec/60¡ (6.0V) Torque @ 4.8V: 3.9 kg-cm, (54.2 oz-in) @ 6.0V: 4.8 kg-cm, (66.7 oz-in) Weight: 31g (1.09oz)


The replacement metal gear set is HRCM6396