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Shaped Puzzle: Rainforest (300 Piece) Puzzle

SKU: HBG57266
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Kids ages 7+ and their jungle-loving families will have a great time completing the Mudpuppy 300-piece Rainforest Shaped Scene puzzle. Brightly colored illustrations of a variety of jungle animals set the tropical scene of the puzzle. Featuring creatures and plants large and small, there is something new to find with each look. Then get ready for a pouncing surprise when the puzzle is completed! The finished puzzle is die-cut in the shape of a sleek wild cat. The finished jigsaw puzzle measures 23” x 16” and is fun and challenging for the entire family to complete together. The durable 11.5” x 8.5” x 2” storage box shows the completed puzzle artwork and is an ideal place to keep pieces safe, together and free from damage. Also makes a great gift for ocean enthusiasts young and old!