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Skylighter Disc Frisbee

SKU: AOB0201


Skylighter Disc Frisbee by Aerobie Sports Toys Great for players of all skill levels for night Disc Golf! The Skylighter Disc has bright LED's that light up the entire disc for hours of fun night flight fun. Watch as it spins, it has a "lighthouse" effect. Batteries are long lasting and are replaceable. The Skylighter features durable construction that resists damage from rough surfaces. The low profile is perfect for long distance flights, the soft, contoured rubber edge enhances the grip and assures soft catches.


  • Spectacular flights, day or night
  • Powerful LEDs light the entire translucent disc
  • Amazing long and accurate flights
  • Large 12 inch diameter for unequaled stability
  • Cushioned rim for performance grip and soft catches
  • Long life, replaceable batteries