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Slow-Cure 30 Minute Epoxy


Vendor: Bob Smith Industries


Bob Smith's Slow-Cure 30 Minute epoxy works best for forming reinforcing fillets on joints. It has the highest strength of our epoxies. It is waterproof and more heat resistant. Slow-Cure can be used for bonding if you're willing to wait overnight. Fillers such as microballoons can be mixed with Slow-Cure and Finish-Cure to form a putty-like consistency. Such fillers will usually decrease the working time by about 25%. Bonded objects can be handled after 8 hours and the cured epoxy reaches full strength within 24 hours.

Bob Smith's Slow-Cure 30 Minute Epoxy is the least type of epoxy to discolor over time with the exception of Finish Cure, along with forming bubbles in the resin as it dries. Bob Smith Industries Slow-Cure 30 Minute Epoxy works best on Glass & Metal, White Foam, and Reinforcing, while its good on Balsa Wood, Soft Wood, Hard Wood, Fiberglass, Hard Plastics, and Laminating. Refer to the chart below for product uses.

Warning: This product can expose you to substances known to the State of California to cause harm. Click here for more details.