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Solar Scouts Model Rocket Launch Set

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Solar Scouts Model Rocket Launch Set by Estes (Easy-to-Assemble) Time to take to the wide open sky with this Solar Scouts Flying Model Rocket Launch Set from Estes. Suitable for Ages 10 & Older with Adult Supervision for Those Under 12. Skill Level E2X Rocket Kit.


  • Comes with 2 different rockets (Sky Dart and Farside)
  • Launch pad and controller included
  • Plastic nose cone and fins
  • Precolored body tubes
  • 12" parachute recovery for Farside
  • Streamer recovery for Sky Dart
  • One year warranty
  • Detailed illustrated assembly and launching instructions


One model rocket launch set


Minor assembly Igniters (ESTT2301) Recovery wadding (ESTT2274) Engines: Sky Dart 1/2A3-2T (ESTT1503) -first flight or 1/2A3-4T (ESTT1504) or A3-4T (ESTT1507) or A10-3T (ESTT1511) Farside A8-3 (ESTT1598) - first flight or B4-4 (ESTT1602) or B6-4 (ESTT1606) or B6-6 (ESTT1607) or C6-5 (ESTT1614) or C6-7 (ESTT1615) Batteries - for launch controller


Skill level: E2X - Easy to Assemble Sky Dart Farside Length: 10.3" (26.2cm) Length: 16.5" (14.9cm) Diameter: .54" (14mm) Diameter: 1.1" (28mm) Weight: .4oz (11.3g) Weight: 1.6oz (45.4g) Recovery System: streamer Recovery System: 12" parachute Projected Altitude: 1100ft (335m) Projected Altitude: 1100ft (335m)


Due to small parts that could cause a choking hazard please keep away from children 3 years of age and younger For your safety and enjoyment, always follow the NAR Model Rocketry Safety Code while participating in any model rocketry activities

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