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StuG.III Ausf F Late with 7.5cm L48 Gun (1/35 Scale) Military Model Kit

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The No. III assault gun was an assault gun developed in Germany during World War II that appropriated the No. III tank carriage. Type F was the first model in the No. III Assault Gun long-barrel series, and 359 were produced from March to September 1942. Equipped with the long-barreled 7.5cm L43 gun instead of the short-barreled Type E, this vehicle had its special vehicle number changed to Sd.Kfz.142/1. The last 31 vehicles produced were equipped with the 7.5cm L48 gun as the main gun, thus enhancing its offensive capability.


  • Main hatches can be opened or closed.
  • Link-and-length crawler tracks
  • Metal barrel included
  • 4 types of markings
  • Etching included
  • Figures are not included.