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Super Detailing Acc. Turnout (Switch) Detail Parts Kit

SKU: CVM1603
1603 Switch & Track Detailing Kit by Central Valley Models / HO Scale

This is the third of this series of products. The package includes (3) "sprues" a variety of track modeling materials. Including famous CVT switch kit parts like the switch stand. Add these turnout detailing parts to your existing yard turn-outs and you will wonder why the Switch-Man left the padlocks off! Included in the package are the following items: Set includes A. Animated Switch Stands.. 3 items B. Rail bolt bars. 24 items C. Rail braces. 42 items D. Frog Bolt Bars (long). 12 items E. Code 70 guard rails 6 items F. Code 83 guard rails 6 items G. CVT throw bar (for use with 2600 - 2900 switch tie blocks) 6 items H. CVT Point retainer plates (for use with CVT cast points). 6 items I. CVT Head tie Block (for use with 2600 - 2900 switch tie blocks). 3 items