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Thalys PBKA New Painting 10 Cars Set

SKU: KAT101658
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  • Not only the characteristic red body painting, but also the difference in color tone between the part starting from the side of the front part of the locomotive and the part around the side window is reproduced.
  • Beautiful reproduction of locomotive and passenger car numbers and door switches.
  • The connecting part that connects the locomotive and the passenger car uses the same drawbar as the 10-1657 Thalys PBA new paint.
  • Stable running is achieved by adopting a power unit with a flywheel.
  • DCC compatible. The one with a 6-pin socket is suitable for M1 and M2. However, it is necessary to change the CV29 value setting of the decoder installed in the M2 to invert the control of the headlight/taillight.
  • Head/tail lights are lit. The headlight uses a light bulb color LED. Includes a dummy board that supports turning off the head/tail lights when combined and connected.
  • By removing the coupler cover at the front of the locomotive and using the attached combined drawbar, it is possible to reproduce a 20-car train that combines two trains similar to the actual car.
  • Accessories: Drawbar for leading connection (long/short x 1 each), dummy board for turning off the light