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Titan 550 Motor 12T Traxxas

SKU: TRA3785
The Titan 550 is a 21-turn fan-cooled 550 size motor capable of handling 14.4 volts. This powerful motor has a 30% longer armature than a standard 540 size motor for extreme monster torque.


Stock motor supplied with the Traxxas Stampede and Rustler series Preinstalled leads, capacitors and connectors Product Item #: 3785


Traxxas Titan 550 Motor, two capacitors and two leads with connectors


Installing in vehicle


Can Diameter: 1.25" (38mm) Shaft Diameter: 0.12" (3mm) Length Including Shaft: 3.2" (81mm) Length Not Including Shaft: 2.3" (57.5mm) Specs such as RPM are not provided BOX DIMENSIONS: 5.00" W. X 1.50" H. X 7.50" L. BOX WEIGHT: .55 LBS.