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Wooden Trailer for Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 Mechanical Model Kit

SKU: UTG0040


The UGears Heavy Boy Truck is already a lot of fun on its own, but it's the additions you can make to this model that make it so amazing. Most trucks are built to haul, and the Heavy Boy Truck is no exception. UGears made the UGears Trailer for Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 to give you the feeling of hauling freight cross-country in a big rig.

This mechanical semi-trailer is designed to attach to the back of your Heavy Boy Truck to make it look just like a real semi-truck. If you've always had a fascination with big trucks like these, you can get a taste of what goes into building one thanks to this UGears truck trailer model. Once you've got your UGears VM-03 trailer put together, all you have to do is use the automatic coupler to attach it to your truck and you can hit the road.

Number of parts: 138
Recommended Age: 14+