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Traxxas Rally / LCG Slash 4x4 Nerf Bars Black 1/10

SKU: RPM70652
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Pair of LGC Nerf Bars from RPM for the 1/10 scale Traxxas Rally 4x4 and Slash LCG 4x4. RPM LCG Nerf Bars have added structural support to help strengthen the body and reduce impact forces transferred to the chassis. The additional cross bracing optimizes the rigidity while absorbing additional impact energy anything less than RPM would have crumpled under!


  • Molded from engineering grade nylon, with added structural support tohelp strengthen body, and reduce impact forces transferred tochassis.
  • Additional cross bracing optimizes the rigidity, and absorbs extraimpact energy.
INCLUDES: Two GC Nerf Bars in Black