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Tribute 12mm Aluminum Hex Adaptor Black (2 Pack)

SKU: JCO2403
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The Tribute wheels have been a hit on and off the track for RC monster truck racers. One of the key features of the wheels involves having replaceable adaptors which can alter the vehicle width. For the high-power crowd, Jconcepts is proud to offer the 11mm offset adaptors as a machined aluminum option. With the aluminum adaptors, racers can now power up and race worry-free with the narrow-track width available by JConcepts. The precision machined hexes are lightweight and feature black anodizing with laser engraved offset markings. The hex adaptors bolt up with existing hardware from the #3377 wheels in a 6-lug pattern and include flanged nylon insert lock nuts for bolt-on security. Go fast, be durable and look the part with JConcepts.


  • Machined aluminum design
  • Black in color anodizing
  • Laser engraved offset marking
  • 11mm offset with 6 lug bolt pattern
  • Mega durability