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Ultra Stomp Rocket

SKU: D&L20008


The wonderful, simple design of the Stomp Rocket allows kids to be very creative with this toy. Of course, kids love it- but the best part is everyone else does too! Always the hit of the party with all ages, including the adults.

Watch the faces of sheer delight when enthralled by this kids' toy, an adult gives the toy a hefty stomp and sends the toy rocket whooshing 200 feet skyward! Kids naturally find creative ways to have fun with the launch pads and rockets - angling the launcher to hit designated targets, competing for distance, carrying the launcher and launching rockets on the run, coming up with different ways to stomp - two-foot hops, running leaps, stair jumps, a cartwheel stomp, a backward run stomp.

  • Soars up to 200 Feet
  • Rocket flying is fun for all ages
  • Includes Stomp pad, hose, stand, 4 foam rocket missiles
  • Ultra Stomp Rocket missiles have a plastic shaft with small plastic fins on the bottom and a large foam head. (Note: Junior Stomp Rocket missiles, sold separately, are smaller and made entirely of foam.)
  • Launching equipment for both Ultra Stomp Rocket & Stomp Rocket Jr. is the same
  • Adult supervision recommended
  • Ages 6+