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UMX Turbo Timber Evolution BNF Basic



The E-flite UMX Turbo Timber Evolution is a scaled-down ultra-micro version of the extremely popular Turbo Timber Evolution 1.5m! It's also an updated and upgraded version of the best-selling UMX Turbo Timber that features a reinforced airframe and stronger linkages to handle the added power, performance, and capability the new 2S and 3S compatible power system delivers. It's equipped with LED landing, navigation, and strobe lights, delivers real-time battery voltage and another telemetry to compatible transmitters, plus it can be equipped with the optional UMX floats (sold separately). And because of its ultra-micro size, the UMX Turbo Timber Evolution can be flown outdoors in many yards, parks, and sports fields – or even indoors in gymnasiums and other suitable spaces! It's affordable, convenient, capable – and easy to fly – which makes it a great choice for a wide range of pilots interested in a flying experience they can't get with any other model.


  • Incredible Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) plus sport flying and aerobatic capabilities
  • Uniquely capable and versatile so it can be flown in more places and smaller spaces
  • 2S and 3S compatible motors and ESC for a wide range of performance
  • Reinforced airframe with stronger and more precise ball-link equipped linkages
  • Compatible with the Spektrum DXS transmitter included with many RTF models
  • Real-time battery voltage telemetry with compatible Spektrum transmitters
  • Spektrum receiver with industry-leading 2.4GHz DSMX technology
  • Easier to fly with optional-use SAFE Select flight envelope protection
  • Unmatched stability and locked-in feel of AS3X technology for smoother performance
  • Optional-use leading-edge slats for improved STOL and slow flight performance
  • Functional and factory-installed LED landing, navigation and strobe lights
  • Oversized tires for the ability to take off and land on a variety of surfaces
  • Optional floats (sold separately; EFLUA1190) for flying from water
  • Functional oversized flaps for shorter takeoffs and landings
  • Fully factory-assembled and ready to fly right out the box


For low-time to experienced pilots interested in an ultra-micro sized version of the incredibly popular Turbo Timber Evolution 1.5m, the E-flite UMX Turbo Timber Evolution is an easy-to-fly, smooth handling, STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) capable airplane with unmatched fly-anywhere versatility! It's also an updated and upgraded version of the UMX Turbo Timber that now features a 2S and 3S compatible power system for added power and capability — especially when using popular and affordable 3S 300mAh batteries for unlimited vertical performance! Plus it can perform inverted flights, knife edges, snaps, spins, and other advanced aerobatic maneuvers with ease. Functional oversized flaps, along with the optional-use leading-edge slats, offer improved STOL and slow flight performance. Equipped with oversized tundra-style tires like its predecessor, the UMX Turbo Timber Evolution can take off and land on grass and other rough surfaces due to the landing gear design that secures the fairings to the fuselage. Experienced pilots can fly it indoors in spaces as small as a single basketball court, and almost anyone who's mastered flying at least one other airplane before can fly it successfully outdoors in large yards, small parks, sports fields, RC flying fields, and almost anywhere else! Install the optional floats (sold separately) and you can add large pools, small ponds, and lakes to your flying site options. Included LED landing, navigation, and simulated strobe lights add to the fun and make it possible to fly from earlier to even later in the day. Best of all, the reinforced airframe with stronger ball-link equipped linkages arrives 100% factory-assembled — and is ready to fly as soon as you charge up a battery and bind the installed Spektrum receiver to your compatible transmitter!

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