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Waiting for the Light

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A photographic impression of the ‚Ǩ?ìrevolution‚ǨÔø? in railroading since 1980. Despite abandonments and a drastic reduction in the number of Class I railroads, train photography is as challenging and rewarding as ever.

Visit Tehachapi, Donner Pass, Lombard, the Price River Canyon and other well-known locations, as well as some ‚Ǩ?ìoff the beaten track.‚ǨÔø?

Enjoy mainline steam specials and covered wagons on passenger and freight trains as well as modern, functional diesels powering intermodals and potash juggernauts. Shortlines feature in these pages, too, along with human interest studies.

Comes in a signed and unsigned version.

Product #: STMWFTL