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Zoology Slide Set: Reproduction in Invertebrates (15 Slides)

SKU: KNS4981


Study various aspects of reproduction in invertebrates with the Konus #4981 Zoology Slide Set: Reproduction in Invertebrates. This set contains 15 slides, exhibiting various representatives of this phylum. All slides are numbered, labeled in eight languages, and organized in a storage case.

Included Slides:

  • Amphioxus: male and female gonads, transverse section
  • Apis mellifica: honey bee, ovary of queen, whole mount
  • Ascaris: male gonads, transverse section
  • Ascaris: female gonads, transverse section
  • Ascaris: female uterus with developed embryos, whole mount
  • Cyclops with egg sacs, whole mount
  • Hydra with a bud, whole mount
  • Hydra: testis, whole mount
  • Hydra: ovary, whole mount
  • Locusta migratoria: testis, transverse section
  • Moniezia: sheep tenia, whole mount
  • Paramecium: various stages of conjugation
  • Schistosoma japonicum: male and female in copulation
  • Grasshopper: section of testis showing mitosis
  • Sea urchin: developing eggs with divisions, whole mount

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